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Four Tax Mistakes Real Estate Edition

Realtors are often experts at keeping multiple matters in the air. They must handle clients, closings, listings, and showings without breaking a sweat. But one thing that can be quickly dropped is taxes.

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Dogs and Dependents

Claiming someone as a dependent on your taxes generally allows a benefit to the person providing the support. When most people think of a dependent, they think of a minor child that a parent is raising and supporting.

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Lien vs. Levy

When the IRS needs to collect on a past-due debt, it has two primary tools in its kit, the lien, and the levy. Both are useful, but each serves a different purpose and has other consequences for the taxpayer.

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Am I Married?

For most people, picking a filing status at tax time is a simple task. You can choose from five statuses, most of which, at least on their surface, are easy to understand.

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