Frequently Asked Questions answered here.

Common questions, briefly answered below.


I want to sue the IRS. Can you help?

Yes, as your attorney, I can file a lawsuit against the IRS on your behalf. Set up an Advisement Session, and we can determine if you have legal standing to sue.

I am not a US citizen. Can you still help me with my US tax issue?

Yes! This is not a problem.  

I am not in Georgia. Can you still help me?

I can help with any IRS issue because that is at the federal level, regardless of where you live. Also, it is very likely that I can still resolve your state issue. Reach out to me to confirm.

HELP! My business is under audit for claiming tax credits. What do I do?

Tax credits are my area of greatest expertise. You or your CPA should contact me immediately to discuss the audit and prepare a strategic response. This is very time-sensitive.

I’ve heard there are a lot of bad actors in ERC. How do I know my business tax credit was done right?

This is a major concern for many who have claimed the Employee Retention Credit, as it should be. You can’t know without a review by a trusted expert who has a background in tax credits specifically. Contact me to discuss a thorough review of your claimed credit.

I don’t think my property taxes were assessed correctly. Can you help?

Feel free to email me, and I can give you a referral to a different attorney who can help with your property tax issue.