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Tax Planning

Ever wonder if you could pay less in taxes? Most people have either asked this question before or tried to figure it out on their own. The problem is that everyone’s tax situation is different. What works for your neighbor likely won’t work for you. The advice you found on Google is at best suspect. The tax code is far too complicated for most people to understand how best to minimize their taxes in an efficient manner. Once you add in rental properties with its myriad of rules, and business planning with its own set of goals, the situation becomes challenging for even most tax preparers.

The tax code is set up to give benefits for certain activities. Identifying and obtaining those benefits is not only legal, but intended by the authors of the code. However, the tax code changes constantly, both through new laws and through court cases applying laws to real-life situations.

This is where the expertise of an experienced tax lawyer comes in. I can help you to find ways to set up a transcation to minimize or eliminate the resulting tax liability. If you have a business, I can help you to figure out what changes can be made that will not only lower your annual tax bill, but also help your company thrive.

Tax planning is equal parts science and art, so make sure you pick someone that can see the full picture.

What you can expect

During the initial advisement session, we will explore your situation and discuss some typical items that might be available to you to help reduce your future taxes. We will discuss any businesses that you own, rental properties, retirement plans, college plans for your children, and more.

After that initial meeting, I will request a list of documents from you based on that conversation. Once I have had a chance to review all the information, I will run various scenarios to help determine the potential consequences of a given change will be. The results will be summarized in a report that will be provided to you. We will go through that report and you will have a clear plan on how to move forward and make the changes that will most benefit you.

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Time is of the Essence.

If you have received a Notice or Letter from the IRS or Georgia, or have an outstanding tax debt, contact us today so that we can create a plan and respond before it is too late. The worst thing you can do is to ignore it. The IRS does not go away.

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