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Tax Litigation

Sometimes, a tax dispute cannot be resolved with the IRS or the Department of Revenue. Even if you go through all the proper procedures and have great representation, the matter just does not get resolved in your favor. At that point, you are faced with a choice, either take the loss or take it to the next level. Litigation allows you to take the dispute out of the hands of the IRS or DOR and go before a judge. Tax Court judges are experts in tax law and only handle cases involving tax issues. This can be a great way to protect your rights and get a better result.
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IRS Audits

Going through an IRS audit can be one of the most daunting experiences ever. Even without the IRS pressuring you, taxes can be confusing and complicated. During an audit, the IRS is not your friend and does not have your best interest in mind. Whether you have an income tax, payroll tax, employee classification issue, or something else, we will help you identify the problem, determine the best way to respond, and protect your rights through it all.

If you have received a notice or letter from the IRS, contact my office!

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State Audits

While the IRS has a fearsome reputation, state revenue departments are often more aggressive. States require more aggressive collections to stay funded and often have fewer taxpayer protections. At the same time, the technical tax issues can be just as complex as those handled by the IRS.

If you have received a notice or letter from your state, contact my office!

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Time is of the Essence.

If you have received a Notice or Letter from the IRS, set up an advisement session as soon as possible. You need a plan to respond before it is too late. Do not ignore it. The IRS does not go away!