Energy Credit Consulting

Assistance with capturing and monetizing energy credits

Energy Credit Consulting

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA) includes the most extensive energy incentive effort in the history of the United States. This groundbreaking legislation created, improved, and updated more than 70 total incentives to encourage and accelerate the transition to cleaner energy production and the adaptation of clean vehicles or alternative fuels.

Additionally, the IRA includes unique monetization mechanisms to transfer and sell the credits. Non-profits and state and local governments can claim 12 of the incentives. This provides a unique opportunity to access federal funding providing another financing option for projects related to clean energy.

Our services include a full review of your project and technologies to determine whether you qualify for any of the IRA credits, or similar state credits. Once the initial review is completed, we will help you maximize the credits, document your eligibility, and claim the credits. If you elect to sell or transfer the credits, we can help you find the right buyer and support you throughout the process.

Some of the credits available include:

  1. Investment tax credits

  2. Production tax credits

  3. Commercial clean vehicle tax credits

  4. Carbon capture credits

  5. Alternative fuel refueling and recharging credits

  6. Advanced energy project credits

  7. Advanced manufacturing credits

  8. And many more.

Contact us today if you are starting a new clean energy project.

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