Tax Debt Services

Helping You Find Relief from Large Tax Bills

Handling Large Tax Debts

If you currently have a tax debt owed to the IRS or GA Department of Revenue, the worst thing you can do is ignore it. Even if the debt is years old and too large to handle, you need to address it before the government comes to collect.

We can help figure out the right solution to address the debt in the most efficient way possible. This solution may be through an offer-in-compromise, payment plan, the IRS Fresh Start Program, or arguing the initial amount’s validity.

We will evaluate your unique situation, determine the best option for you, and set up a plan to not only handle the current debt but prevent it from happening in the future.

What you can expect

We will discuss your situation during the initial call, including details such as how much you owe, your ability to pay, and the possible solutions. After the call, I will send you an engagement letter, and Power of Attorney form and request additional information tailored to your situation. I will negotiate with the IRS or the State of Georgia on your behalf. Throughout the process, I will keep you updated on the progress and next steps.

Contact us today to determine the best solution for you!

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Time is of the Essence.

If you have received a Notice or Letter from the IRS, set up an advisement session as soon as possible. You need a plan to respond before it is too late. Do not ignore it. The IRS does not go away!