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How Not to Structure Your Transactions

Most people are aware that cash transactions for $10,000 or more have to be reported to the IRS to help identify and prevent money laundering activities. For cash-based businesses, this reporting requirement can be burdensome, so people will try to arrange payments in such a way as to avoid the $10,000 limit.

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Where do I Live? Georgia Residency Rules

In tax, the idea of domicile or residence determines who, what state or country, can tax you. If you move to another state or another country, then your tax residence changes too, right?

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Four Tax Mistakes Real Estate Edition

Realtors are often experts at keeping multiple matters in the air. They must handle clients, closings, listings, and showings without breaking a sweat. But one thing that can be quickly dropped is taxes.

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Dogs and Dependents

Claiming someone as a dependent on your taxes generally allows a benefit to the person providing the support. When most people think of a dependent, they think of a minor child that a parent is raising and supporting.

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