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A discussion of the latest developments in law that we find interesting.

IRS Fresh Start - What is it really?

The IRS Fresh Start Program is much advertised to eliminate tax debts, but does it work that way? We will explore what this program is and is not and how it may help you.

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The Attack on the Courts

A recent Court of Appeals casegarnered much attention due to the court’s outrage at being ignored. In that case,Baez-Sanchez originally applied for a specialized visa that required a waiver. The request first went to an immigration judge, then to the Board of Immigration Appeals, back to the immigration judge, back to the Board, then to the Court of Appeals.

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Oracle v. Google - Update

In November, the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case between Google and Oracle, over the objects of the Department of Justice. While oral arguments have not been set yet, we do expect it to be heard and ruled on this term.

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Oracle v. Google - Part 2

Overall, the Court seemed interested in following the precedent laid before it by the historical record. That history, storied as it may be, is also riddled with inconsistencies and authored by people that do not understand the subject.

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